Nuts About Standard Poodles

If someone had told me years ago that I would be nuts about standard poodles, I would have thought they were crazy! Yes, I have referred to myself as having 'poodle head' when my curly hair is out of control but I NEVER considered owning a poodle. I like big dogs, ones that I can rest my hand on their head when we are standing side by side. I love big dog hugs. I love to pat them on the side or rub their head and feel their solid build and strength. And I like (not love) big dog barks! Nothing against little dogs and their yippy voices, their ability to get under foot, and their (sometimes) hyper activity. I like ALL dogs, but I LOVE STANDARD POODLES 

I've had dogs on and off throughout my life. We were without a dog for several years when my two youngest children were little. My daughter had some allergy issues to animals, so when we started dreaming of having another dog we were looking at the poodle crosses - labradoodles, goldendoodles, schnoodles (schnauzer/poodle), whoodles (wheaton/poodle). The more we (or I should say "I") researched, the more we came to the conclusion that if we are looking for the hypoallergenic appeal of the poodle, why not just get a poodle! After all, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but poodles are one of the best choices for people seeking that trait. Another BIG plus... no shedding!

I came across the website for LawPDoodle K9 Manor (formerly known as LawPDoodle Kennel). At the time, Tina Law was breeding labradoodles, goldendoodles and standard poodles. I quickly became one of her website 'stalkers', checking almost daily to see if new litters were born and new puppy pictures were posted.  We made the four hour trip to visit Tina and I was immediately hooked. We had a great visit, we had many things in common (including my husband, Mike's, and Tina's love of the Redskins), and I was very impressed with her puppy program. After almost a year, we were ready to get a puppy. We were going to be guardians of one of the female poodle puppies Tina would eventually use in her breeding program.

Our first puppy, Mia, arrived in the fall of 2011. She was black and white (just like us) and such a doll. In the spring of 2012, Tina contacted me about a puppy named Bindi to see if we would be interested in being her guardian as well. Bindi was one of three puppies Tina was raising to become future parents, but she was definitely the most people-oriented of the three. I jumped at the opportunity! I wouldn't say Mike jumped... more like stepped into it. We went to visit Tina with the kids. At the end of our visit we asked the kids, "If you could bring one of the three puppies home, which one would it be?" Their unanimous, gleeful answer was BINDI! So then we had two.

In the summer of 2013, the kids and I were staying with Tina for a few days. Morgan was just a few months old and so very sweet! I commented to Tina how sweet she was. Tina's reply was... "Do you want her?"  I think my jaw dropped as I said "Really?" The kids and I posed the question to Mike but he was not sure. We left without her but it only took two weeks to wear Mike down... and then there were three.

I am SO thankful for Tina's friendship and trust, and for God using her to spark a dream in my life. I knew that I, too, wanted to become a standard poodle breeder! Tina graciously turned over Bindi and Morgan to me to start my breeding program. Mia has had a cataract since she was a puppy and, although it's not necessarily hereditary, we decided she shouldn't be bred. She's been spayed and will stay with us as our 'first puppy love'.

I have much to learn about being the best poodle breeder God intends for me to be, but I have an amazing mentor and very dear friend in Tina. Someday we hope to move out of the MD suburbs and into farm country where we can have land to spread out, maybe get some horses (my childhood dream), and have room to add lots more dogs to our family. It's nice to dream....

Enough about me. I'd love to hear from you and your dreams of adding a standard poodle puppy to your family!

                                                               God bless!

                                                                                                                                                          Diane Matthews


Christmas 2013 

Bindi, Morgan & Mia, the beginning of Raven Rock Standard Poodles.

Christmas 2015

Feb 2016 - 2+ feet of snow

Christmas 2012

Mike & Diane - We married in 1998 but have known each other since our teen years as church camp counselors together.

Jonathan & Kathryn, married in 2011, are currently stationed in Washington and are expecting their first child in August 2017.

Jenna and Nolan (currently 10th & 8th grade) have both been involved with the youth worship bands at our church and serving in children's and IT ministries.

Proud mom here!

Newest member of the family - Peyton Marie Eubanks! I went to WA to be there for her birth. Little stinker arrived two days after I left. Born 9-5-17. She's a keeper, for sure!!!