Lawpdoodle K9 Manor
Breeder of Sheepadoodles, Pyredoodles, Old English Sheepdogs & Newfypoos

Boynton's Labradors
Breeder of standard size American Labrador Retrievers for use in the field, as working dogs, companions and as family pets.

Looking at other breeds for your new family member, check out these trusted breeders.

Yeagers Poodles and Doodles
Breeder of parti, abstract & solid colored Standard Poodles, and solid & parti Goldendoodles.

Ghost Timber Poodles
Breeder for many years of solid, parti, and phantom Standard Poodles.

Oak Hill Farm Standard Poodles
Breeder for many years of parti, brindle, tri-color and and phantom Standard Poodles.

Enchanted Valley Standard Poodles
Breeder of all colors and patterns of quality Standard Poodles.