Puppies are raised in our home in their own bedroom. They are handled every day and are exposed to normal household sounds - vacuums, pots/pans, TV/radio background, other standard poodle family members, and all that comes with a noisy, busy human family. 

In most circumstances the puppies will have their dewclaws removed within the first few days of life. Due to the increased interest in NOT docking tails, some of our puppies will have their tails docked (at the discretion of the breeder) and some puppies will keep their beautiful, natural tails.


Current  Litter:



Raven Rock Standard Poodles has the right to first pick of any litter.

Current  Litters:

1.   Jennifer F. - Quince

2.  Kayla S. - Tutti Frutti

3.  John B. - Persimmon

4.  Ann T. - Mint Chip

5.  Kathleen G. - Pistachio 

6.  Brandy I. - Cherry Garcia

7.  Bruce R. - Guava

8.  Jennifer N. - Pummelo

9.  Margee D. - Fig

10. Ernesta S. - Kiwi



Scout was bred to Oreo, our black and white parti male. This is Oreo's first litter. Scout had  a beautiful multi-colored litter in January 2019 with Samson, a red sable stud owned by Tina at LawPDoodle K9 Manor. The colors in her new litter were a surprise - solid black and one brown. Thought we'd have some parti puppies. The important thing is that they are all healthy. Puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes at eight weeks old (September 28, 2019)..

Future  Litter:

1.   Amy W.

2.   Jolina J.

3.   Kate Z.

4.   Kayla S.   







Future Litter:

Stay tuned! 

Current  Litter:

Mocha was bred to Samson by Tina at LawPDoodle K9 Manor. We are excited to announce that Mocha has come to live with us to deliver and raise her puppies. Mocha is a cafe au lait & cream phantom AKC standard poodle. Samson is an AKC red sable standard poodle. He sired Scout's January 2019 litter which produced striking puppies. Mocha and Samson's litter are beautiful sables, phantoms and (possibly) brindles. Puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes at eight weeks old (September 17, 2019).



Click here for Mocha & Samson's page

Click here for Scout & Oreo's page

11.   Lisa K. - Toffee

12.  Lindsey H. - Butter Pecan  

13.  Delisa E. - Cookies 'n Cream

14.  K9s to Furkids - Kumquat

15.  Robin M. - Neopolitan

16.  Lori L. - Chunky Monkey

17.  Yahmi B. - Cookie Dough






JULY 23, 2019

2 boys still need homes


 AUGUST 4, 2019

 All puppies are home!