SADIE (retired January 2019)

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(Raven Rock's Sadie Baby) - born 1/17/16

Sadie was born here, very early in the morning on January 17, 2016. Her parents are Morgan and Jack. Morgan had delivered nine healthy, beautiful, colorful puppies in her first litter. I was certain that she was done, puppies were all nursing and she was napping. I cleaned up her whelping bed, arranged fresh, clean blankets and got mom and pups settled in, then left the nursery for a quick break. I was pleasantly surprised to come back a few minutes later to see Morgan deliver one more puppy - Sadie! 

Sadie is built just like her mother, tall, gorgeous eyes, broad snout and beautiful black, grey and cream brindle coloring. The white toes she had as a puppy have blended in with the rest of her markings. She has a natural tail. She is super sweet, loves to give kisses, and insists on hugs as often as she can get them. She's almost as tall as Morgan and weighs 65 lbs. She has tested clear for SA, DM, NEWS, PRA and VWD. Thyroid, cardiac and CERF tests were normal. Her preliminary OFA results for elbows were normal and her hips were fair. She is AKC registered.

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We were visiting Tina (LawPDoodleK9Manor) in WV for the weekend. First time for Sadie to be able to run free in an unfenced yard.

Labor Day 2016 - Sadie is 7 months old. Her Mom, Morgan, is 3-1/2 yrs old. Sadie weighed 54 lbs and Morgan weighed 64 lbs. Sadie may be bigger than Morgan when fully grown.

Sorry to fuss on the video. Sadie is not street smart yet and I was getting a little anxious when she went into the road. She did come back after a few hollers, then we went into the house. Nervous mom, yes, that's me!