Milo's Puppy Boot Camp

Looking for someone else to do the initial hard work that goes along with bringing up a puppy?

Milo's Puppy Boot Camp is an independent business that likes the 'tough stuff' - housebreaking, crate training, teaching basic commands, introduction to leash walking, bathing/blow drying, car rides, exposure to cats, kids and adult dogs. There are two levels of training - two week stay and four week stay. Transportation from Raven Rock Standard Poodles to Milo's Puppy Boot Camp is provided. Transportation home from camp will be arranged directly with the camp.

If you do contract with Milo's Puppy Boot Camp to participate in one of their programs, please let us know to assist us in coordinating transportation directly to camp when your puppy is eight weeks old.

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Milo's Puppy Boot Camp is not affiliated with Raven Rock Standard Poodles, and is presented on our website as a courtesy to our customers. 

Owner: Penny Wilson

Email:                             Location: Martinsburg, WV                                                           Phone: 301-943-0421